The Importance of Preventive Care

By Paul David Epstein, D.M.D. & Associates, P.C.
May 08, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Preventive Care  

Maintaining a healthy smile really doesn’t have to be that difficult.

From your daily brushing habits to visiting our Burlington, MA, dentist Dr. Paul David Epstein for routine cleanings, there are many preventive measures that are designed to preserve healthy teeth and gums and to protect your smile from common problems such as cavities, gum disease and tooth sensitivity.

Preventive dental care is important because it allows you to preserve your natural smile and to provide your teeth and gums with the care they require to prevent problems from happening in the first place. Preventive dental care entails,

At-Home Care

How you care for your smile from the comfort of your home tells us a lot about the state of your oral health. To maintain good oral hygiene you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily. Not doing these tasks as often as you should? Now is the perfect time to improve on your at-home routine if you want to protect your smile from cavities and gum disease. Your at-home oral care routine can go a long way to promoting a healthier smile.

Routine Dental Cleanings

Another aspect of preventive dentistry involves visiting your Burlington, MA, family dentist every six months for cleanings and exams. These cleanings will not only remove plaque and tartar buildup to reduce your risk for oral diseases, but common dental problems can also be detected early on when they are easier and far less troublesome to treat. Once a year we will also take x-rays, which will allow us to spot problems such as cavities between teeth, dental infections and impacted wisdom teeth that may not be visible through a routine oral exam alone.

Fluoride Treatment

Staying hydrated is incredibly important for your family’s smiles. Tap water contains fluoride, a mineral that is important for maintaining strong, healthy teeth. You can also get fluoride from certain toothpaste (not all toothpaste contain fluoride so make sure you check before purchasing); however, your dentist will be able to determine whether you or your children may require additional fluoride treatment during routine dental checkups. Getting enough fluoride in your diet can greatly reduce your risk of cavities.

Dental Sealants

Molars or back teeth are often the most challenging to keep clean, not only because they are all the way in the back of your mouth but also because their chewing surfaces contain ridges and grooves where food and bacteria can easily get trapped. Luckily, dental sealants are clear coatings that seal chewing surfaces and prevent food and bacteria from getting trapped. Sealants are typically placed once your child’s first set of molars come in (around 6-7 years old).

If you need to schedule your next routine dental checkup with our Burlington, MA, preventive dentist, or if you have questions about the other preventive services such as sealants and fluoride treatment that we offer, please call us at (781) 273-1152 to learn more.